stages of bamboo

Several years ago, we began the project of choosing plants for our property. Basically, the front yard is very sunny and is planted with cacti, succulents, and Mediterranean palms, and the back is shady and is planted with big-leaved things like banana plants, a loquat tree, sago palms, and bamboo. Our goal was to add privacy at the very back of the property with a wall of clumping-style bamboo. Also, along the west side of the property next to our house, we planted a second wall of clumping-style bamboo for shade and privacy.

The bamboo grew well for several years. We did achieve our goals of privacy and shade.

Even the butterflies that migrate through Austin in the fall enjoyed our bamboo.

Then, last winter happened. We had a few days of the coldest weather anyone had ever experienced in Austin. Our tall bamboo died back to the ground. The plants are still alive, but they’re having to start over with tiny, new growth like brand new plants. We had to remove all the dead stalks, and each time we cut down another piece, I had new ideas as to how to put it to use. I was determined to work with the bamboo in some creative fashion and make something lasting from all this material that we had grown.

I became interested in the cross-sections of the bamboo pieces. Each piece is slightly unique from all the others. Some are bigger, smaller, thicker, flatter on one side, etc.

Check back to see what becomes of all these little pieces of bamboo as I continue to work with them.

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