a room built for a bench

When I was an architecture student, I spent a lot of time building scale models out of bass wood, cardboard, thick paper, foamcore, metal, and whatever else I might find that worked at about one-quarter inch to one foot. Eventually, I also spent a lot of time creating 3D models with software. These photos show one of my favorite projects, designed the old-fashioned way, from my third year of undergraduate school. First, we were tasked with designing a piece of furniture, and then we designed a room around the piece of furniture. I designed a modern bench shown in the photo above against the wall on the right. The bench was actually built at full size, and it was constructed of square, metal tube which was drilled and bolted together, and sanded, pale pine boards were bolted to the metal frame. The piece included a level for sitting, a small tabletop level, and a lower shelf. In designing the space around this piece, the use of levels and metal framework were repeated.

The wall opposite the entry wall with the bench was an existing, curved wall which was squared-off on the interior with a sculptural framework of thin pieces of metal and wood.

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