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I mentioned our trip to the Palm Springs area the other day, and today, I have some photos from our self-guided tour of Desert Modernism. We bought a map that highlights 70 local examples of modern architecture, drove from one address to the next, and took photos from the street. The following are a few photos from our tour.

First on the tour was Ship of the Desert. This home, located on Camino Monte, was built in 1936 by Earl Webster and Adrian Wilson.

The Burgess House on Palisades Drive was difficult to see from the street since it’s approached from a private road that climbs the hill. This home was built in 1957 by Hugh Kaptur with additions by Albert Frey. The canvas shades on metal frames that are repeated in various spots on the property are striking from a distance.

The Kaufmann House was at the top of our list of houses we wanted to see. Richard Neutra designed this home on Vista Chino Road in 1947. It has a quiet, timelessness about it. The rectilinear shapes counter the desert landscape well, and the mix of materials continues to look chic today.

This is a second view into the driveway at the Kaufmann House.

At the Franz Alexander House on Cielo Drive, the slim, black, metal railings and wood slats that covered the underside of the roof overhangs and eaves were nicely done. The house was built in 1955.

I’ve been able to continue this tour at home with the souvenir book Palm Springs Modern. It includes fifteen projects with beautiful photos of interiors, gardens, and details. There’s only limited information about the projects and architects, but many of the photos are classics by Julius Shulman.

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