visiting palm springs art museum

We visited the Palm Springs and Palm Desert area during the week of Memorial Day and fit in a quick trip through the Palm Springs Art Museum. The following are a few pieces that caught my eye.

This piece is Bees Knees by John Chamberlain from 1988 made from painted and chromium-plated steel. The light bounced off the sculpture from every angle.

This is the back view from above of Bees Knees.

There was a contemporary glass exhibition, and this was the first of two interesting blown glass Chihuly pieces.

A second Dale Chihuly piece, this one is Basket Set with Black Lip Wrap from 1986.

This spider sculpture which is a bronze by Louise Bourgeois had great presence.

Henry Moore’s Helmet Head No. 2 is another bronze. This one was cast in 1955.

Roy Lichtenstein’s The Prisoner is from 1980.

I appreciated the abstract nature of this acrylic on canvas picture by Dan Namingha, Song of Rain, from 1991.

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